Simplify your Business with Smart Solutions

May 12, 2017

In the last few years, the parking industry has seen the emergence of a wide range of technological innovations. In a time when parking management needs and technologies are constantly changing and demanding total system solutions, it is hard to find the winning combination and best comprehensive solution for your business which you can rely on. It is important to choose a solution, which can suit the current and future needs and challenges of parking management and fulfill multiple valuable purposes: help end users maneuver through the urban jungle efficiently and owners/operators to better control, plan and increase business revenue.  Parking facility owners and operators face challenges in their business every day, many of which are directly related to technology and the need to adapt to the way their customers want to interact in the work place and retail arena by using their personal smartphones and mobile devices in a seamless way. 

HUB Parking Technology provides innovations to the parking industry utilizing the extensive knowledge and experience of our technical engineers along with input from our clients:  parking operators, municipalities, airports, retail centers, hospitals, universities, hotels and event centers.  We focus on delivering a seamless, compelling and secure experience to facilitate efficient operation, increased revenue, effective reports and strategic insights for long-term planning, boost work force performance without adding head count and improve the final customer experience.

JMS, our web-based and secure management system, brings innovative, value-added capabilities to parking managers with integrated, real-time operational data available from multiple parking facilities and improves and simplifies the control of parking systems in multiple locations and with different types of HUB equipment.  The tile-based interface is very intuitive, easy to learn and allows for 24/7 connection to your business from your office, smartphone or tablet.  Monitoring alarms, occupancy, LPR, video streams, intercom and geo-location in real time are at your fingertips for both transient and contract parkers. 

JMS offers powerful analysis, reporting and customization options, which are scalable and allow you to measure outcomes. You can get ad-hoc reports rapidly based on your specific needs and with an appealing graphic output at the push of a button, and you are always able to intervene as necessary – at any time and from anywhere. Complex and rich statistical analyses can be easily understood by everybody, thanks to the visual graphical output.  The possibility to interact with data, allows you to communicate insights in the most effective way and automatically help solve parking challenges by predicting usage, maximizing revenue potential, and improving services provided to customers.  

Further interesting insights are also offered by Jungle Pass, HUB Parking Technology’s latest digital and mobile solution that elevates the parking experience for users and provides valuable user data for owners and operators.  Users are able to pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit a parking facility easily, smoothly and securely by simply using their smartphone.  E-tickets and bookings are stored for easy access anytime and anywhere and payments are made securely either at a pay station or directly using the in-app payment function.  In addition to these benefits, finding parking is so much easier because users receive complete directions from their current location to the parking facility. Integration with JMS is seamless, so operators have total control and visibility of their parking operation. 

JMS also serves as a digital marketing device, allowing operators to showcase video content and ads, as well as the opportunity to leverage a customized digital signage solution to enhance, inform and improve their business performance with HUB’s Janus Digital Signage (JDS).  The system can also be made available to third-parties to display advertisements, offering nearby companies an excellent opportunity to increase their visibility and business and for you to drive more value to your organization. Content updates can be done easily and in seconds for all screens directly from your computer with JMS. Video content may be showcased on any screen in your network, including pay stations, VMS displays and dedicated video monitors and provides an additional revenue stream for advertising to help accelerate your ROI.

Parking facility owners and operators want to work smart and simplify their operation(s) by developing strategies and business practices that will help them maximize profits, develop effective and targeted marketing campaigns, monitor operations remotely to manage staff efficiently, and obtain and utilize parking data to their best advantage.